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Funtington Primary School

House Team System 

At Funtington, each child across the school belongs to one of four houses. The house team names were chosen by the children using a democratic voting system.

Our house teams are:

  • Mario – red
  • Yoshi - green
  • Luigi - blue
  • Toad - white

Through the House system we aim to encourage competition, team work and student mentorship. The children are encouraged to follow the Funtington Footprints in order to earn House Points for their team. House points may be given for good behaviour by being Caring, Respectful or Safe. They may also be given for good learning by being Independent, Persevering and doing your Best.

Each half term, we hold House Team events where the children come together in their groups for a special activity. This may be team building, a creative activity, a competition or a task linked to a specific area of the curriculum.