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Funtington Primary School

 Funtington Staff


Headteacher: Mrs Katie Hoebee

School Business Manager: Mrs Vicky Minton

Secretary: Mrs Julie White

Hawthorn Class: Mr Oliver Starr

Rosehip Class: Mrs Stephanie Barnett and Mrs Kerry Hill

Elderflower Class: Mrs Lisa Cupid

Bramble Class: Mrs Victoria Oiller and Mrs Susan Cork

Special Educational and Disability Needs Co-Ordinator (SENDCO): Mrs Emma Bowman

Modern Foreign Language Teacher: Mrs Claire Stacey

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Camilla Shergold, Mr Jack Lane, Mrs Cecilia Beckerson, Miss Jenna Grima, Miss Millie Davy, Mrs Nicki Williams

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Sarah Lawrence 

Midday Meals Assistants: Mrs Camilla Shergold, Mrs Cecilia Beckerson, Mr Jack Lane, Miss Amy Shergold, Miss Jenny Grima, Miss Milly Davy, Mrs Nicki Williams

Premises Officer: Mr Jim Sadler