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The school has an active and welcoming PTA.  We aim to bring lots of parents together to form an all-inclusive group of volunteers to raise as much money as possible for our school. The funds provide a variety of benefits for the children to enhance their learning and increase their enjoyment of the school environment.

We try our best to support the school by enhancing the children’s primary education by things such as providing new playground equipment, paying for each class to go on a school trip, paying for the whole school to attend a Christmas play at the festival theatre and making sure the teachers have enough money in their class funds for activities such as craft and cookery. The PTA work closely with the teachers, trying to offer extra support where it is needed and none of this is achieved without the help of a great many parents who assist with the fundraising, organisation and general support of all our events.  

The PTA committee generally meet every half term to discuss future events and fundraising opportunities and where best to spend the money for the children’s benefit. These meetings are generally held at the school and are open to all to attend (please check the school diary for details of the next meeting). Being active on the PTA doesn’t have to be a big commitment, all ideas are warmly received and even just turning up to support our organised events is greatly appreciated. Parents with skills that would benefit the PTA and the school are valued too. The PTA also work hard to let parents know where their money goes on a termly basis so they are able to see the direct impact of their spending because it really does make a huge difference to our children.

 Please keep an eye on the school diary (found on the website) for the events planned during this academic year.

 We always welcome anybody new into our community with open arms. Any extra pairs of hands and super smiles are greatly appreciated to help on any level possible. Not only do we work hard for the school's cause but also offer a safe and warm place for new parents or grandparents, with community being at the heart of our Funtington Friends team. If you would like to be involved or join our Whatsapp group, ask your class rep for more details or speak directly with Harriet Cherriman (PTA chair) who can always be found in the playground after school. One of the teachers can always point you in the right direction. 

You can find us on Facebook at @friendsoffuntingtonschool or search Friends of Funtington School in the FB search bar.


Funtington PTA is a member of PTA UK