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                              Funtington STEM and Engineering   


At Funtington Primary School we strive to embody our motto of ‘Moving Forward, Loving Learning’ through our STEM curriculum. This provides opportunities for all pupils to attain the highest personal achievements through our annual project based units of work in each class. Pupils are encouraged to think like engineers by making things that work and making things work better.  We focus on six engineering habits of mind that we encourage the children to develop at Funtington Primary; curiosity, team work, creativity, resilience, self-belief and problem solving.

Other opportunities to develop these skills at Funtington Primary include our lunch time Code Club, our school Goblin Club and our work with our local secondary school.

History of STEM in school  

Stem in School 



STEM at The Bourne 


Goblin Club

Exothermic and Endothermic Reactions 



STEM in Reception 







 Year 5 STEM day at Churchers College 



Careers in the NHS workshop