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Funtington Primary School

Vision and Values


‘Striving for excellence with high expectations for all pupils to achieve their best’ 

Our school vision has been developed through consulting with staff, governors, children and parents and is underpinned by the Funtington Footprints, which make up our core values. 






To create a community where everyone can feel valued and believe in themselves. To support each child to be an INDEPENDENT learner. 

To create an inclusive environment where diverse members of the school community feel a sense of belonging. We nurture mutual RESPECT, strong friendships and teamwork. 

To inspire and encourage everyone to aim high in a life-long love of learning. To value and celebrate individual strengths and promote a wide range of experiences in and out of the classroom so children can achieve their BEST. 

To work together with enthusiasm and PERSEVERENCE to engage in a creative, inspiring and purposeful curriculum. To develop enquiring minds who are equipped to make a positive contribution to life beyond the classroom. 

To create a CARING school community that promotes emotional, mental and physical wellbeing where everyone can feel positive about themselves and others. We work together to respect our school and local environment and know how to keep ourselves and others SAFE. 





To take responsibility for my own learning and behaviour.  

To know that my actions affect those around me.  

To find my own solutions to problems  


To respect other people’s views and to take turns.  

To respect our school and belongings and to put things away.  

To be polite and use good manners. 


To use equipment safely and not to hurt others with words or actions. 

To keep myself safe by regulating my emotions. 


To keep trying hard with our learning and our friendships even when things get really hard.  

To challenge myself and those around me to do better. 


To be kind, helpful and friendly to others.  

To look out for each other and treat others how we would like to be treated. 


To always do my best, help others do their best and to work as a team member.